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T-Ball is a popular Junior activity that is offered to boys and girls at Tom Newby School. T-ball teaches children hand-eye co-ordination and team co-operation. It is a precursor to baseball and softball but the skills also translate into other sports such as netball and cricket. T-Ball is not a league sport and matches are considered to be ‘friendly’ in nature.

Age Groups
T-Ball is offered to Grade 1-3 learners where one team, per age group, is selected per season. Teams usually consist of between 10 and 12 players, including substitutes. For learners who are not selected for the official team a social T-ball practice is arranged on a weekly basis.

Times, Venues, Practices and Matches
T-Ball practices are held on school grounds. Practice days and times may vary – please consult the Term programme for details. Matches are held at Benoni Northern’s Sport grounds – there are usually 4 matches per season. T-Ball takes place from August to November and the season usually concludes with a regional friendly round robin tournament between participating Primary Schools.
Players are transported to and from match venues by school transport if parents are not able to assist in this regard.

Clothing and Equipment
T-Ball practice and matches require players to wear the official school PT kit. Tom Newby School provides equipment for the players but children are welcome to purchase their own bat and mitt if they would like to do so.

Organiser: Claire Sacks – info@tomnewbyschool.co.za

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