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Tom Newby School is fortunate to have a swimming pool on school premises. For this reason, swimming is one of the most popular summer activities. The Tom Newby School swimming team always features in the Interschool Galas and usually places in one of the top 3 positions. Many swimmers who trained at Tom Newby School have gone on to swim in international competitions – The Princess of Monaco, an ex-Tom Newby swimmer, met her Prince at an international swimming event. Swimming is offered as part of the extra mural programme as well as the Smart Sport programme. Swimming training concentrates on skills and competency training. Unfortunately, the school is not able to offer ‘how to float lessons’, so only those children who are able to swim are accepted into this extra mural activity.

Age Groups
Swimming is offered to learners from Grade 1-7 (U8 to U13).

Times, Venues, Practices and Matches
Smart Sport swimming takes place during regular Phys Ed periods at the school swimming pool. Extra mural swimming takes place before and after school. Regular extra mural practices take place at the school swimming pool but some special practices are sometimes arranged at other venues so that swimmers can become accustomed to Olympic sized pools.
Smaller inter-school galas are held on school premises. Where swimmers are required to participate at other venues, in the afternoon, transport is provided by the school. In the event of evening galas, which are always held at alternative venues, parents are required to make arrangements for transporting the swimmers to and from the off-site venue. Swimming practice takes place in Term 1 and 4 and the league takes place in Term 1.

Clothing and Equipment
The school TNS swimming costume is worn for practices and matches. The TNS tracksuit or PT kit may be worn over the swimming kit. A towel, TNS swimming cap and goggles are compulsory items.

Head Coach: Leslie Klemp – klempleslie@gmail.com

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