Smart Sport

Smart Sport has been designed to prioritise the sporting opportunities at Tom Newby School to ensure that individual learners reach their full potential and that the teams from this school are viewed as contenders and worthy opponents in leagues and at other sporting events.

Smart Sport provides expert training to individual or small groups of children who have been identified either as having potential in a particular sporting code or who have demonstrated skill whilst participating in a school activity.

The Sport Smart students are invited to participate and are coached during their regular Physical Education Periods, during school time, while the other learners in the class attend regular curriculum related Phys Ed lessons. The skills and techniques that the Sport Smart learners will be taught align themselves with the National Curriculum, but are presented at a level suited to their advanced capabilities. An assessment of their performance and participation will be generated by the coaches involved and this mark will be included in the quarterly reports at the end of each term. Smart Sport codes change according to the league sports that are on offer – notification of each term’s line up will be communicated at the beginning of each term.

Please note:

  1. Children can take part in the Smart Sport programme without making a commitment to representing the school as part of the school team.
  2. Children can be selected to be a part of a school team even if they are not part of the Smart Sport Programme.
  3. Smart Sport carries a cost of R200.00 per term cycle of 8 weeks.

For further information regarding the schedules and the Smart Sport timetable, contact Mark Hudson.

Smart Sport Netball Enrolment Form Term 1 2016

Smart Sport Soccer Enrolment Form Term 1 2017

Smart Sport Swimming Enrolment Form Term 1 2017

Smart Sport Tennis Enrolment Form Term 1 2017

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