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Benefits for Students
The Smart Swipe Solutions Card has a range of wonderful benefits for students. These include:

  1. Spend less time waiting in line and more time to eat lunch and spend time with friends
  2. No losing your tuck money to bullies
  3. No chance of losing your tuck money anywhere
  4. No danger to self from the risk of carrying cash
  5. You can pre-order your meals and pick up your lunch at the tuck shop directly
  6. You can’t forget your lunch or tuck money at home
  7. Your parents or guardians can top-up your card online from anywhere in the world
  8. Control healthy eating
  9. Secure card activation process
  10. Secure registration process
  11. Low account balance alerts

Benefits for Parents
The Smart Swipe Solutions Card has an equally wonderful range of benefits for parents and guardians. These include:

  1. With the threat of bullying ever present you can play a part in reducing this by taking cash off the playground
  2. A range of security measures ensures that no one but the registered user (your child) can use the card
  3. You can track tuck shop spending and monitor what your child is eating
  4. Your child can only spend the money on the card for food and goods sold by the tuck shop – no temptation to buy illegal items like cigarettes
  5. You only pay for the items your child buys – in the history of giving our children tuck money we cannot recall ever getting change!
  6. You can load cash on the card from anywhere around the world and at any time as long as you have access to the Internet
  7. You or your child can pre-order the tuck shop meals, cutting down on time spent in the queue
  8. Students and parents can sit down and plan healthy meals
  9. Multiple parents and / or guardians can be administrators of the card
  10. You will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your child will never go hungry at school again
  11. Eliminate the problem of school lunch being left at home
  12. No more scrounging for loose change outside the school gate for lunch money
  13. Online transaction tracking and monitoring for parents
  14. Eliminate the risk of your child carrying cash
  15. Avoid lost cheques and unnecessary trips to school by paying with the Smart Swipe Solutions card. We accept payment for school meals and other school fees (as determined by the school)
  16. We take extra care to ensure that your experience with Smart Swipe Solutions is safe. We will never sell, share or trade your private information
  17. A history of orders or transactions (per day, term or year) can be assessed
  18. Parents can establish a budget for the various commodities available
  19. Secure payment and settlement process
  20. Convenience of loading credit onto the student card from home.

Benefits for School

  1. A modern and convenient web-based offering for parents and students
  2. Increased brand awareness with the card branded in accordance with your school’s image
  3. Teach children the benefit of using a cashless system (and helping educate them in money management and healthy eating)
  4. Less cash on the premises enhances the safety of your students and staff
  5. An easy-to-use system for canteen volunteers, staff and parents
  6. Online ordering system means children and parents can pre-order meals in advance, lessening the queues
  7. The daily sales order, history and statistical reporting is invaluable
  8. The system produces instant sales and transaction reports to help you take control of what has been sold and items that are popular
  9. We provide you with the hardware and software application – you need to provide the Internet connection
  10. Education with respect to healthy eating can be reinforced using the system
  11. Increase the turnover of your tuck shop as students can only spend their tuck money at your tuck shop (and not buy illegal goods such as cigarettes at the corner café)
  12. A safer system for your students to use – no cash means no opportunities for bullies to prevail
  13. Built-in security systems, such as visual identification of the card owner, are perfect for students
  14. You have the ability to install a visitor terminal to dispense cards for visitors and temporary staff
  15. You will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your students will never go hungry at school again
  16. Eliminate the problem of school lunch being left at home
  17. Teachers and parents can also register and utilise the school payment card.
  18. The system has built in inventory and stock control for school and commodity outlets
  19. Improved business efficiencies.
  20. Security, convenience and control for all users.

Benefits for Service Providers
(Tuck Shop Owners, Second hand school clothing etc.)

  1. The fast, modern check-out style scanner allows you to increase the number of transactions you can process during break time
  2. Easy to manage and load stock and pricing
  3. Eliminate staff error on stock control
  4. System is easy to use for tuck shop owner and staff
  5. No need to carry lots of change and cash
  6. The system can provide daily aggregated reporting for all orders
  7. Students and parents can pre-order meals, which makes for better planning within the tuck shop
  8. Pre-orders allow you, the tuck shop owner, to implement contingency plans in order to not run out of stock and healthy items
  9. Real time, up to date statistics and reports on stock movements and other management reports
  10. Increase your overall revenue by ensuring that students spend their tuck money with your establishment and not elsewhere
  11. You will have a history of orders per day or per term, which can be accumulated to make the re-ordering of stock more efficient
  12. Pricing is easy to change and you can make special offers available at very short notice
  13. Rich reporting from our office support program
  14. Frees up your time to be more efficient in running your tuck shop
  15. Keep your pricing consistent
  16. Improve customer experience
  17. Price changes can be made on the point of sale system and special offers can be implemented easily
  18. Seamless settlement process
  19. Point of sale software application providing real time inventory of transactions

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